Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media has presented us all with the ability to personally empower ourselves by association. This evolving, participatory media has generated millions of conversations online, among friends and colleagues, about subjects of mutual interest. The ‘wisdom of crowds’ have been influential since the first social platforms emerged, social tribes have since grown exponentially, as a result of this voting process that signals our likes, the marketing reach has also increased. 

Social Media Marketing (SMM) presents businesses today with unique marketing opportunities – connect and build your brand’s community and cultivate trust like never before. Remember, followers have already declared a social acceptance of a product or service by interest or behaviour, it’s now time to lead your tribe so they can follow.

Social Media Marketing Services

Chester Marketing Solutions offer Social Media Marketing (SMM) consultancy support and implementation to businesses across the UK. Since 2011 we have provided local, national and international clients with comprehensive SMM support. We are proud to continually achieve progressive results for our clients. Our approach is simple, methodical, ethical and results driven. Services we provide include: 

  • Introductory Social Assessments: Our base level lead-in service provides a comprehensive overview of your brand's social presence online. We will benchmark and document all our findings and make recommendations. 
  • Social Management & Planning: Blanket management and strategic planning service for the development of your brand within social media, inclusive of Brand Reputation Management. 
  • Social Media Training: Group or individual key role training for in-house social media management.
  • Social Integration Support for Websites: Technical support for integrating and enabling social channels within your website. 
  • Social Media Advertising & Campaign Management: All-inclusive campaign planning and implementation.

Social media takes many different forms and involves diverse activities like writing, photo or video sharing. The activities and channels selected create a ‘marketing-mix’ – as lead generators, we explore the right platform for the right crowd to maximise reach.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies require rigorous research and regular monitoring. In order to help us continually strive for excellence, we employ industry-leading partner software to further enhance the performance of any SMM we administer. 

We follow the best practices outlined by the social giants and keep a close eye on the latest advances.

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

More businesses than ever are looking at social media as a progressive new frontier and increasingly it is being viewed as an integral part of the marketing mix. Attracting a community that relates to your brand, product or service in social media allows your business to engage directly with an associated network.

It is imperative in today’s modern marketing that social media marketing strategies are embraced so your company can efficiently manage brand reputation, develop trust and bolster search visibility within SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

The social media landscape is growing at a rapid rate, as is its user participation, your brand needs to be talked about, have information ‘shared’, have videos ‘liked’ and so on – the modern ‘word-of-mouth’ currency that is social media is crucial to developing brand awareness and nurturing confidence in your products or services.

Help with Your SMM Strategy

Social Media Marketing (SMM) requires a broad amalgam of technical, writing and business skills to succeed as well as patience, dedication and determination. Chester Marketing Solutions boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in SMM Management and we’d love to help your business succeed with social media. For more help on getting started contact us here

SMM Management & Rates

Our SMM services provide first time clients with introductory assessments first, research is key to understand a brands social standing online. As a guide, a base rate research fee of £525 plus vat would apply at this point. Please note a base rate may not apply in promotional periods.

The next step would be planning based on the findings of an assessment. We will work with you directly and make our recommendations - we will then present you with SMM opportunities via services we provide. Once a plan is agreed and a budget set we can get to work on helping you develop a social strategy and increase online visibility.

For more information or a more detail quotation, please fill out the contact form or call us direct on 01244 630047 – we’d love to hear from you and help ‘Brighten Your Brand’ in social media.

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