Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

So what is Search Engine Marketing? Once a broader term that encompassed virtually any search result, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is now typically used to describe the process of purchasing and managing ‘paid placements’ or ‘advertisements’ within Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). SEM is effectively the process of buying visibility within Google, bing or Yahoo! results pages. If managed correctly, ads only appear when a relevant search word or phrase triggers an impression.

Search Engine Marketing Agency Services

Users want relevant answers only when using search engines – as lead generators, we strive to maximise budgets with high quality focussed targeting when deploying search campaigns. Search Marketing campaigns require daily adjustments and testing, in order to maximise their potential and keep abreast of the latest developments, we also employ industry-leading partner software to further enhance performance and management of these complex programmes.

Google Ads is by far the leading platform for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), only recently there were further advances in its offering with the introduction of Enhanced Text Ads (ETA) – when such advances arise we rigorously ‘test to improve’ and implement enhancements whenever possible. bing also offers similar solutions to Google, the market share is smaller but the opportunities are the same, as are the principles – we always look to maximise exposure across all search engines.

Chester Marketing Solutions offer ‘full-service’ Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Since 2011 we have supported local, national and international clients with comprehensive SEM management support. There are many aspects to delivering PPC campaigns, an overview of services we provide include:

  • Keyword Research:  If you have advertised online before or not, our best practice approach is to create a list of keyword opportunities for the business services you wish to advertise.
  • Landing Page Assessments: We will need to consider carefully where a click on an ad will take the user to. With conversion in mind, it is imperative the ad and landing page correspond effectively.
  • Campaign Management: Daily, weekly or monthly management that includes writing titles, descriptions for ads.
  • Campaign Testing & Improvement:  Regular analysis and enhancements of campaigns.

Help With Your SEM Strategy

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) requires a broad amalgam of technical, writing and business skills to succeed as well as patience, dedication, and determination. Chester Marketing Solutions boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in SEM Management and we’d love to help your business succeed. For more help on getting started contact us here

Pay Per Click Management & Rates

Our PPC management services provide our clients with detailed focused keyword research first. Research is the key to a successful campaign. When choosing keywords we need to consider a ‘Goldilocks’ philosophy (we approach SEO the same way). Some keywords might be too hot or have too much competition, or are simply too expensive. Some might be too cold or ‘too broad’. So, we look into what you want to be found for, research and present a strategically chosen set of keywords that will give us the best chance of success without spending unnecessarily on broad or costly matches.

The next step would be setting a budget based on our findings. We will work with you directly and make our recommendations – we will likely present you with keyword opportunities you hadn’t considered. Once a budget is in place we will set-up the account. Account base rate set-up fees for standard accounts is currently £180 plus Vat

Before any advertising activity, a deposit (full monthly spend plus fees) must be applied to our accounts. Example: An agreed monthly budget spend of £1000 would require £1000 applied to our accounts 24hrs before campaign launch plus a base rate management fee of £280 for the month – Note VAT is only applicable on management or set-up fees. Management fees are only applied to active accounts and are charged at the start of each month.

We do not offer credit terms on any online spend – invoices and spend records will be supplied as proof of service and advertising spend at the end of each month. We will also provide you with activity logs and a full record of alterations and additions applied to your account.

For more information or a more detail quotation, please fill out the contact form or call us direct on 01244 630047 – we’d love to hear from you and help ‘Brighten Your Brand’.

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