Bespoke Website Design & Build

Effective bespoke website design and development demands the best resources and the best practices that employ the principals of modern conventions and usability. In order to form a solid foundation for a successful online presence, your website requires design and development professionals of appropriate high calibre and experience. 

Chester Marketing Solutions have a wealth of knowledge and have successfully practiced bespoke website design and architecture management to businesses locally, nationally and internationally since 2011.

Bespoke Website Services

Understanding your customers, your business and your website objectives are the three core ingredients required for us to develop a well-governed bespoke website solution that meets your business's needs.

Featured above: Southend International Airport Website - View Case Study

Our solutions are built from the ground up and are totally bespoke (individual like your business) and never ‘off-the-shelf’. Architecture and layout are crucial aspects of any website, our project process begins with a strategic methodology towards the anatomy of a website. A well-planned website should also form part of an SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) strategy – easy navigation, great original content and user engagement opportunities should be deemed default. The look and feel are also very important, the right individual persona should provide an authoritative and eminent reflection of your business and should always champion your online brand identity.

Website Methodology Overview

Website design and build is a process right from a project's inception. From initial client introduction and briefing, we methodically guide you through the stages required to reach a successful launch. We need to have a few questions answered first, most importantly – what do you want your new website to achieve? after all, without a goal, it’s difficult to score.

Research is a key factor in any design – your digital presence in your niche needs to be benchmarked and competitor placements in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) clearly understood. At this point, we can work with you to start building a plan. Keyword targeting (for products and services) and site architecture begins to emanate.

In order to bring your customers closer, our website design and development team combine to deliver user and search friendly solutions. Usability principles are addressed early in a project and wireframes are developed to illustrate the use of a sites overall structure and functionality. Design emerges during the early processes, colours, calls-to-action, images, and tone of the entire site begin to take shape.

Most who use the internet do so to either have a problem solved, usually within seconds or for research purposes. Conventions are to be embraced if your website is to succeed. The demands on making your brand message count quickly have increased over recent years, a trend unlikely to reverse itself in the future. Core messaging and USP (Unique Sales Propositions) need to be established to differentiate you from your competitors.

Optimisation is integral early on and site maintenance is a key factor in a website's growth in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). As the website landscape and its conventions continue to reshape it is imperative that your business website keeps up with the pace. When we build we factor in the webmaster guidelines laid out by the search giants as part of a supportive role for any SEO strategy agreed early on.

Management & Rates

All websites have their own unique challenges so it is difficult to define a price-per-page or pricing matrix. Like our websites, our pricing will reflect a bespoke requirement. Chester Marketing Solutions do understand the need to work within budgets and can deliver website solutions for most. Please call us to discuss your requirements further on 01244 630047 or contact us directly with a brief outline of your website challenge.

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